Workaholics (2011)

3 mistakes in season 7

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The Most Dangerless Game - S7-E6

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when the guys are shopping, Blake and Anders have 2 boxes in the cart (Unicorn Matrix dartboards), but when Adam goes to hide, there's only one. Later, when they're still shopping and meet the CEO's, there's shots with either 2 or just 1 box in the cart.


Monstalibooyah - S7-E3

Continuity mistake: Before Adam gets off the "bike bar", he takes off the bridal shower veil and lays it on the counter. But in the next shot, Adam is off the bike bar and the veil is back on his head and he's taking it off again.


Weed the People - S7-E2

Continuity mistake: When Blake accidentally puts the customer on speaker, he puts the receiver back in the cradle. When the customer starts talking and there are close up shots of the phone, the receiver is now off the cradle. It's back on in the other shots though.


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