Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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Season 1
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1 Rise of the Turtles: Part 1 0
2 Rise of the Turtles: Part 2 0
3 Turtle Temper 0
4 New Friend, Old Enemy 0
5 I Think His Name Is Baxter Stockman 0
6 Metalhead 0
7 Monkey Brains 0
8 Never Say Xever 0
9 The Gauntlet 0
10 Panic in the Sewers 0
11 Mousers Attack! 0
12 It Came from the Depths 1
13 I, Monster 0
14 New Girl in Town 0
15 The Alien Agenda 0
16 The Pulverizer 0
17 TCRI 0
18 Cockroach Terminator 0

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Donatello: It has butt cannons? IT HAS BUTT CANNONS?!



After their victory, the Turtles are celebrating and partying. Just before the episode ends, Leonardo is dancing on a white mat and doing the moon walk. It cuts to a higher angle and suddenly the white mat vanishes.



At the very end of the episode, a squirrel drinks some mutigen and then suddenly looks back at the camera suddenly in a dramatic fashion. This is a reference to the" Dramatic Chipmunk" meme -the squirrel moves in the exact same way with similar music.