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Episode Title Mistakes
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1The Mad Scientist14
2The Mechanical Monsters0
3Billion Dollar Limited0
4The Arctic Giant0
5The Bulleteers0
6The Magnetic Telescope0
7Electric Earthquake0
9Terror on the Midway0
12Eleventh Hour0
13Destruction, Inc.0
14The Mummy Strikes0
15Jungle Drums0
16The Underground World0
17Secret Agent0
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The Mad Scientist - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: Perry White has the Mad Scientist’s letter straight on his desk, but then it turns it to a diagonal angle when he reads it to Lois and Clark. Lois says that she wants to crack the case on her own and the shot pans back to Perry as he thinks about it for a moment, and this shot shows the letter still diagonal on the desk. Then Lois shouts out "Thanks Chief" and dashes off before he can respond and the image cuts to a different angle. Now suddenly the letter is straight on his desk like it was before he turned it. (00:03:10)

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Voices: Up in the sky, look: It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Superman! (00:00:10)

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Trivia: This series is where Superman first "learned" how to fly. Before this series, in the comics and radio, he was only able to jump very high and far, hence "leap tall buildings in a single bound". They decided that it just didn't look right on film and they decided to have him fly, but it's still depicted as if he has to get a jumping start.

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