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Professor Q: Morning Vincent! Oh what's this? Ah, History Algebration homework! Excellent... The sum of 2 rational squares is equal to men's wear artichoke-friendly most sad sandwich jelly melons?!
Vinnie: Rocket!
Rocket: Hmm... Ha maybe I bounced up the wrong book
Professor Q: Vincent, your homework is 5 watts wrong and 50 gravitons incorrect!



At the start of the episode when Vinnie and Rocket search for Gabby's pet badger, after updating her, Vinnie goes back into his bedroom where Rocket is seen in the room pulling out a pirate's peg leg, Professor Q's "oscilloradioscope", and a baking soda volcano from behind his back. However, for about a frame, the other 2 items were also peg legs before turning into the respective item. His mouth also tilts between frames.