The Amazing World of Gumball
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Season 1
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1 The DVD/The Responsible 1
2 The Third/The Debt 0
3 The End/The Dress 0
4 The Quest/The Spoon 1
5 The Pressure/The Painting 0
6 The Laziest/The Ghost 0
7 The Mystery/The Prank 0
8 The Gi/The Kiss 5
9 The Party/The Refund 1
10 The Robot/The Picnic 6
11 The Goons/The Secret 0
12 The Sock/The Genius 0
13 The Poltergeist/The Mustache 0
14 The Date/The Club 0
15 The Wand/The Ape 0
16 The Car/The Curse 0
17 The Microwave/The Meddler 1
18 The Helmet/The Fight 0

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[The kids are trying to get Granny Jojo out their bedroom window to have her reach the ground.]
Gumball: [grunting] How can someone so small be so heavy?
Granny Jojo: Well, I have two metal hips, one orthopedic shoe, six gold teeth, a plate in my head, and an industrial strength pacemaker. I got so much metal in me, I'm legally classified as a motor vehicle.



When Gumball enters the tent of sweaty cheese, he is covered in slime. When he comes out, he is clean.



The voice of Gumball in Japan is voiced by Junko Takeuchi, who is also the voice of Naruto Uzumaki.