The Addams Family
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally0
Season 1
Season 1 generally0
1The Addams Family Goes to School6
2Morticia and the Psychiatrist2
3Fester's Punctured Romance0
4Gomez, the Politician1
5The Addams Family Tree0
6Morticia Joins the Ladies League1
7Halloween with the Addams Family0
8Green-Eyed Gomez5
9The New Neighbors Meet the Addams Family1
10Wednesday Leaves Home1
11The Addams Family Meet the VIPs2
12Morticia, the Matchmaker0
13Lurch Learns to Dance0
14Art and the Addams Family0
15The Addams Family Meets a Beatnik0
16The Addams Family Meets the Undercover Man2
17Mother Lurch Visits the Addams Family0
18Uncle Fester's Illness1

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