Last of the Summer Wine

Barry's Christmas - S12-E11

Revealing mistake: In the final scene when Foggy is on the horse, it rears up when frightened by Foggy's bleeper, causing Clegg to jump out of the way. It's obvious that it is a stunt double playing Clegg, as he has a different hair style.

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Crums - S10-E7

Revealing mistake: When Seymour stands on the zebra crossing to stop Wesley's van, the zebra crossing is obviously a prop as there are no zig-zag lines painted on the road.

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Merry Christmas, Father Christmas - S9-E14

Revealing mistake: When Compo, dressed as father Christmas, falls off the roof and down the ladder knocking Seymour and Clegg over, it is obvious that Compo, Seymour and Clegg have been replaced by stunt doubles.

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Seymour: People don't realise there is an imposter running around pretending to be Father Christmas.
Clegg: It happens every election.



Interior shots of Ivy's cafe show a window in the back wall of the kitchen, visible through the door to the dining area. Exterior shots of the building show only a plain stone wall where the window should be.



Peter Sallis is the only actor to appear in all 295 episodes of the show.