Quotes from Paolo Bonacelli movies and TV shows

Jack: Did you ever wanna be anything but a priest?
Father Benedetto: Have you ever wanted to be anything other than a photographer?
Jack: I do what I'm good at.

Father Benedetto: I ask him to look after those of my friends who are sinners.
Jack: All men are sinners.
Father Benedetto: Some are greater sinners than others. But those who seek peace are much sinning in the history.

Father Benedetto: Of course... You're American. You think you can escape history. You live for the present.
Jack: I try to, Father.

Father Benedetto: All the sheep in my flock are dear to me. But some are dear the most. Especially those that have lost their way.

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The Duke: Within a budding grove, the girls think but of love. Hear the radio, drinking tea and to hell with being free. They've no idea the bourgeoisie has never hesitated to kill its children.

The Duke: The limit of love is always needing an accomplice.

The Duke: This howling is the most exciting thing I have ever heard.

The Duke: I remember I once had a mother too, who aroused similar feelings in me. As soon as I could, I sent her to the next world. I have never known such subtle pleasure as when she closed her eyes for the last time.

The Duke: Dear friends, marrying each other's daughters will unite our destinies for ever.

The Duke: We Fascists are the only true anarchists, naturally, once we're masters of the state. In fact, the one true anarchy is that of power.

The Duke: It is when I see others degraded that I rejoice knowing it is better to be me than the scum of "the people." Whenever men are equal, without that difference, happiness cannot exist. So you wouldn't aid the humble, the unhappy. In all the world no voluptuousness flatters the senses more than social privilege.

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