Quotes from Tim McGraw movies and TV shows

James Canter: The first time I heard you sing... I thought that it must be what angels sound like. Thought I died and gone to heaven.
Kelly Canter: I love that story.
James Canter: 'Cause it's true.

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Howard McLaughlin: Dad.
Rob McLaughlin: Don't.
Howard McLaughlin: I'm sorry. I really screwed up.
Rob McLaughlin: Look at me. You're a good man.
Howard McLaughlin: Yes sir.
Rob McLaughlin: Now just stay with your mother.
Howard McLaughlin: Yes sir.

Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Are you going to kill Flicka?
Rob McLaughlin: I'm just going to have a look at her, baby.
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: It's okay, Daddy. You can shoot us.

Rob McLaughlin: There's no good reason why this animal should be alive.
Nell McLaughlin: There's a very good reason she's alive-she's got mustang blood in her. She's a fighter, just like our girl.

Rob McLaughlin: Our daughter lives in a fantasy land.
Nell McLaughlin: So do you! Look at you, sitting on top of Cowboy Mountain looking down at the world passing by. When are you going to look at your daughter and realise that she's you?

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