Laurence Harvey

Quotes from Laurence Harvey movies and TV shows

Gloria Wandrous: You act like a man who's expecting his wife back in town.
Weston Liggett: Look, Gloria, I have to spend at least tonight with her.
Gloria Wandrous: A good night's sleep will be the best thing for you.

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Chunjin: I need job.
Raymond Shaw: Job?
Chunjin: Yes Sir, Mr. Shaw.
Raymond Shaw: But my dear fellow, we don't need interpreters here. We all speak the same language.

Raymond Shaw: Senator Iselin is not my father. Repeat: he is not my father. If you learn nothing else on your visit to this country, memorize that fact.

Raymond Shaw: I've got a job on a newspaper. Research assistant to Mr Holborn Gaines.
Mrs. Iselin: Holborn Gaines? That Communist?
Raymond Shaw: He's not a Communist, Mother. As a matter of fact, he's a Republican.

Raymond Shaw: Twelve days of Christmas! One day of Christmas is loathsome enough.

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Rex Black: Where did he get it?
Stella Black: I lost it.
Rex Black: Where?
Stella Black: In his bed.

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