Haley Bennett

Quotes from Haley Bennett movies and TV shows

Roxanne: It's you, my love.
Cyrano: You love the words.
Roxanne: No, you. I love Cyrano. Cyrano is my love! I've always loved Cyrano.
Cyrano: And I loved... My pride.

Roxanne: Love, does that mean nothing to you?
Mother: Children need love. Adults need money.

Roxanne: I have a confession to make. I am madly in love.
Cyrano: Perhaps he feels the same.
Roxanne: I've never actually spoken to him.
Cyrano: Of your love?
Roxanne: Of anything.

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Dr. Emerson: You have great power ahead of you.
Molly Hartley: I don't want it.
Dr. Emerson: But you will.

Joseph Young: Well, I guess I didn't peg you as the paranoid type.
Molly Hartley: I'm not. I-I just don't like people keeping a record of my thoughts.

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Julie: I know what you've got. You've got a gateway to hell under your house. And that is really cool.

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