Quotes from JoBeth Williams movies and TV shows

Nurse Nancy Bauer: I think you better have a piece of this orange. Might be the last orange you see for... week and a half.

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Dr. Patricia Cromwell: His name's Mimi-Siku. Roughly translated, it means "cat piss."
Michael Cromwell: He chose the name "cat piss"?
Dr. Patricia Cromwell: He was six years old at the time! It's a territorial thing.

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Amanda Brooks: Think I'd look good in something like that?
Margo Brofman: There's not much you wouldn't look good in.
Amanda Brooks: I bet you say that to all the boys who become girls.

Fur Protestor: Do you know how many poor animals they had to kill to make that coat?
Margo Brofman: Know how many rich animals I had to fuck to get this coat?

Steve Brooks: I don't believe it. I'm sitting with three beautiful woman who said they hated me. I got to be dreaming.
Margo Brofman: We still hate you.
Felicia: We decided you should be punished for the way you treat woman.
Liz: Oh, yeah, men like you just have to be stopped.
Steve Brooks: And how are you going to stop me?
Margo Brofman: We're going to kill you.
Steve Brooks: Oh, what a way to die.

Margo Brofman: All right, you want me to tell you why you couldn't handle it?
Amanda Brooks: Unless you'd like me to jump off the fucking roof.
Margo Brofman: She's gay.
Amanda Brooks: No kidding.
Margo Brofman: And you are a macho, homophobic.
Amanda Brooks: Homophobic.
Margo Brofman: Yes, and gay male or female scares the living hell out of you.
Amanda Brooks: Right.
Margo Brofman: Where are you going?
Amanda Brooks: To jump off the fucking roof.
Margo Brofman: I should be so lucky.

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