Most drama movie continuity mistakes of 2015

1Fifty Shades of Grey pictureFifty Shades of Grey (2015)7
2The Revenant pictureThe Revenant (2015)6
3Southpaw pictureSouthpaw (2015)5
4The Age of Adaline pictureThe Age of Adaline (2015)4
5Black Mass pictureBlack Mass (2015)4
6San Andreas pictureSan Andreas (2015)3
7Bridge of Spies pictureBridge of Spies (2015)3
8Far from the Madding Crowd pictureFar from the Madding Crowd (2015)2
9Creed pictureCreed (2015)2
10Spare Parts pictureSpare Parts (2015)2
11Joy pictureJoy (2015)2
12A Walk in the Woods pictureA Walk in the Woods (2015)2
13Focus pictureFocus (2015)2
14Cinderella pictureCinderella (2015)2
15Do You Believe? pictureDo You Believe? (2015)2
16Ex Machina pictureEx Machina (2015)1
17Woodlawn pictureWoodlawn (2015)1
18Burnt pictureBurnt (2015)1
19Brooklyn pictureBrooklyn (2015)1
20Spotlight pictureSpotlight (2015)1
21Aloha pictureAloha (2015)1
22If There Be Thorns pictureIf There Be Thorns (2015)1
23The Danish Girl pictureThe Danish Girl (2015)1
24Mr. Holmes pictureMr. Holmes (2015)1
25Everest pictureEverest (2015)1
26First Response pictureFirst Response (2015)1
27Awaiting pictureAwaiting (2015)1
28Sicario pictureSicario (2015)1
29The Walk pictureThe Walk (2015)1
30Run All Night pictureRun All Night (2015)1
31Crimson Peak pictureCrimson Peak (2015)1



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