Most drama TV factual errors of 2013

1Peaky Blinders picturePeaky Blinders (2013)15
2The Americans pictureThe Americans (2013)4
3Agents of SHIELD pictureAgents of SHIELD (2013)3
4The Fall pictureThe Fall (2013)2
5Father Brown pictureFather Brown (2013)2
6Full Circle pictureFull Circle (2013)2
7Orange Is the New Black pictureOrange Is the New Black (2013)1
8Crossing Lines pictureCrossing Lines (2013)1
9Bonnie and Clyde pictureBonnie and Clyde (2013)1
10Hostages pictureHostages (2013)1
11House of Cards pictureHouse of Cards (2013)1
12Granite Flats pictureGranite Flats (2013)1
13Atlantis pictureAtlantis (2013)1



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