Most drama movie visible crew/equipment of 2013

1Blue Jasmine pictureBlue Jasmine (2013)2
2The Wolf of Wall Street pictureThe Wolf of Wall Street (2013)2
3The Trail pictureThe Trail (2013)1
4The Devil's Violinist pictureThe Devil's Violinist (2013)1
5Jack the Giant Slayer pictureJack the Giant Slayer (2013)1
6Pain & Gain picturePain & Gain (2013)1
7Before Midnight pictureBefore Midnight (2013)1
8World War Z pictureWorld War Z (2013)1
9About Time pictureAbout Time (2013)1
10Gravity pictureGravity (2013)1
11All Is Lost pictureAll Is Lost (2013)1
12Begin Again pictureBegin Again (2013)1



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