Most comedy movie visible crew/equipment of 2010

1Knight & Day pictureKnight & Day (2010)3
2The A-Team pictureThe A-Team (2010)3
3The Kids Are All Right pictureThe Kids Are All Right (2010)2
4Everything Must Go pictureEverything Must Go (2010)1
5Date Night pictureDate Night (2010)1
6The Spy Next Door pictureThe Spy Next Door (2010)1
7Tooth Fairy pictureTooth Fairy (2010)1
8Killers pictureKillers (2010)1
9Grown Ups pictureGrown Ups (2010)1
10The Other Guys pictureThe Other Guys (2010)1
11Dinner for Schmucks pictureDinner for Schmucks (2010)1
12Easy A pictureEasy A (2010)1
13Tucker & Dale Vs Evil pictureTucker & Dale Vs Evil (2010)1

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