Most romance movie revealing mistakes of 2006

1Date Movie pictureDate Movie (2006)3
2High School Musical pictureHigh School Musical (2006)3
3The Break-Up pictureThe Break-Up (2006)2
4The Lake House pictureThe Lake House (2006)2
5Deja Vu pictureDeja Vu (2006)2
6Madea's Family Reunion pictureMadea's Family Reunion (2006)1
7Idlewild pictureIdlewild (2006)1
8The Illusionist pictureThe Illusionist (2006)1
9School for Scoundrels pictureSchool for Scoundrels (2006)1
10Employee of the Month pictureEmployee of the Month (2006)1
11Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj pictureVan Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj (2006)1
12The Holiday pictureThe Holiday (2006)1
13The Darwin Awards pictureThe Darwin Awards (2006)1
14Fido pictureFido (2006)1
15Just My Luck pictureJust My Luck (2006)1
16Tristan & Isolde pictureTristan & Isolde (2006)1



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