Most drama movie plot holes of 2003

1The Hunted pictureThe Hunted (2003)2
2S Club Seeing Double pictureS Club Seeing Double (2003)2
3The House of the Dead pictureThe House of the Dead (2003)2
4Out of Time pictureOut of Time (2003)2
5Runaway Jury pictureRunaway Jury (2003)2
6Cradle 2 the Grave pictureCradle 2 the Grave (2003)1
7Tears of the Sun pictureTears of the Sun (2003)1
8Right On Track (2003)1
9Stuck On You pictureStuck On You (2003)1
10The Big Empty pictureThe Big Empty (2003)1
11Open Water pictureOpen Water (2003)1
12Elephant pictureElephant (2003)1



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