Most romance movie visible crew/equipment of 2002

1Secretary pictureSecretary (2002)4
2Mr. Deeds pictureMr. Deeds (2002)2
3The Good Girl pictureThe Good Girl (2002)2
4Sweet Home Alabama pictureSweet Home Alabama (2002)2
5Punch-Drunk Love picturePunch-Drunk Love (2002)2
6Maid in Manhattan pictureMaid in Manhattan (2002)2
7Crossroads pictureCrossroads (2002)2
8Slackers pictureSlackers (2002)1
940 Days and 40 Nights picture40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)1
10El Crimen del Padre Amaro pictureEl Crimen del Padre Amaro (2002)1
11Bend It Like Beckham pictureBend It Like Beckham (2002)1
12Angela pictureAngela (2002)1
13Blue Crush pictureBlue Crush (2002)1
14The Guru pictureThe Guru (2002)1
15Swept Away pictureSwept Away (2002)1
16The Rules of Attraction pictureThe Rules of Attraction (2002)1
17Two Weeks Notice pictureTwo Weeks Notice (2002)1
18Drumline pictureDrumline (2002)1
19Nicholas Nickleby pictureNicholas Nickleby (2002)1
20The Outsider pictureThe Outsider (2002)1



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