Most drama movie visible crew/equipment of 1998

1Ever After pictureEver After (1998)11
2American History X pictureAmerican History X (1998)10
3Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas pictureFear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)5
4The Truman Show pictureThe Truman Show (1998)4
5Saving Private Ryan pictureSaving Private Ryan (1998)3
6The Thin Red Line pictureThe Thin Red Line (1998)2
7Black Dog pictureBlack Dog (1998)1
8SLC Punk! pictureSLC Punk! (1998)1
9Enemy of the State pictureEnemy of the State (1998)1
10Run Lola Run pictureRun Lola Run (1998)1
11The Players Club pictureThe Players Club (1998)1
12Fallen pictureFallen (1998)1
13Happiness pictureHappiness (1998)1
14Great Expectations pictureGreat Expectations (1998)1
15Desperate Measures pictureDesperate Measures (1998)1
16The Man in the Iron Mask pictureThe Man in the Iron Mask (1998)1
17Rushmore pictureRushmore (1998)1
18Apt Pupil pictureApt Pupil (1998)1
19Shakespeare in Love pictureShakespeare in Love (1998)1
20Dead Man's Curve pictureDead Man's Curve (1998)1
21The Siege pictureThe Siege (1998)1
22Bulworth pictureBulworth (1998)1
23Sliding Doors pictureSliding Doors (1998)1
24Twilight pictureTwilight (1998)1
25What Dreams May Come pictureWhat Dreams May Come (1998)1
26Mercury Rising pictureMercury Rising (1998)1



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