Most crime movie visible crew/equipment of 1993

1A Bronx Tale pictureA Bronx Tale (1993)4
2Falling Down pictureFalling Down (1993)3
3The Fugitive pictureThe Fugitive (1993)3
4A Perfect World pictureA Perfect World (1993)3
5So I Married an Axe Murderer pictureSo I Married an Axe Murderer (1993)3
6Menace II Society pictureMenace II Society (1993)2
7Another Stakeout pictureAnother Stakeout (1993)2
8Loaded Weapon 1 pictureLoaded Weapon 1 (1993)2
9Demolition Man pictureDemolition Man (1993)2
10Manhattan Murder Mystery pictureManhattan Murder Mystery (1993)2
11Groundhog Day pictureGroundhog Day (1993)2
12Robocop 3 pictureRobocop 3 (1993)2
13Undercover Blues pictureUndercover Blues (1993)1
14Kalifornia pictureKalifornia (1993)1
15Carlito's Way pictureCarlito's Way (1993)1
16Rising Sun pictureRising Sun (1993)1
17Romeo is Bleeding pictureRomeo is Bleeding (1993)1
18True Romance pictureTrue Romance (1993)1

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