Most family movie mistakes of 1988

1Who Framed Roger Rabbit pictureWho Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)188
2Mac and Me pictureMac and Me (1988)101
3Oliver and Company pictureOliver and Company (1988)56
4Big pictureBig (1988)34
5Ernest Saves Christmas pictureErnest Saves Christmas (1988)13
6Short Circuit 2 pictureShort Circuit 2 (1988)11
7The Land Before Time pictureThe Land Before Time (1988)11
8Garfield: His 9 Lives pictureGarfield: His 9 Lives (1988)7
9Vice Versa pictureVice Versa (1988)4
10Big Top Pee-Wee pictureBig Top Pee-Wee (1988)1
11My Neighbor Totoro pictureMy Neighbor Totoro (1988)1