Most drama movie mistakes of 1973

1Magnum Force pictureMagnum Force (1973)43
2Enter the Dragon pictureEnter the Dragon (1973)39
3American Graffiti pictureAmerican Graffiti (1973)32
4The Wicker Man pictureThe Wicker Man (1973)19
5The Seven-Ups pictureThe Seven-Ups (1973)16
6The Day of the Jackal pictureThe Day of the Jackal (1973)11
7White Lightning pictureWhite Lightning (1973)10
8High Plains Drifter pictureHigh Plains Drifter (1973)9
9Charley Varrick pictureCharley Varrick (1973)6
10Walking Tall pictureWalking Tall (1973)6
11Papillon picturePapillon (1973)6
12Emperor of the North Pole pictureEmperor of the North Pole (1973)5
13Soylent Green pictureSoylent Green (1973)4
14Serpico pictureSerpico (1973)3
15Bang the Drum Slowly pictureBang the Drum Slowly (1973)3
16Executive Action pictureExecutive Action (1973)3
17The Way We Were pictureThe Way We Were (1973)2
18Paper Moon picturePaper Moon (1973)2
19Paperback Hero (1973)2
20Jesus Christ Superstar pictureJesus Christ Superstar (1973)2
21That'll Be the Day pictureThat'll Be the Day (1973)2
22Oklahoma Crude pictureOklahoma Crude (1973)2
23The Stone Killer pictureThe Stone Killer (1973)2
24Breezy pictureBreezy (1973)1
25Day of the Dolphin pictureDay of the Dolphin (1973)1
26Mean Streets pictureMean Streets (1973)1
27Cinderella Liberty pictureCinderella Liberty (1973)1
28Don't Look Now pictureDon't Look Now (1973)1
29The Friends of Eddie Coyle pictureThe Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973)1