Most movie factual errors of 1960

1The Alamo pictureThe Alamo (1960)19
2Sink the Bismarck pictureSink the Bismarck (1960)7
3Spartacus pictureSpartacus (1960)5
4The Apartment pictureThe Apartment (1960)4
5The Time Machine pictureThe Time Machine (1960)4
6The Wackiest Ship in the Army pictureThe Wackiest Ship in the Army (1960)2
7Psycho picturePsycho (1960)2
8Butterfield 8 pictureButterfield 8 (1960)1
9Sunrise at Campobello pictureSunrise at Campobello (1960)1
10The Last Voyage pictureThe Last Voyage (1960)1
11The Lost World pictureThe Lost World (1960)1
12Two Way Stretch pictureTwo Way Stretch (1960)1
13Ocean's Eleven pictureOcean's Eleven (1960)1



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