Most movie factual errors of 1959

1Ben-Hur pictureBen-Hur (1959)10
2The Horse Soldiers pictureThe Horse Soldiers (1959)4
3North by Northwest pictureNorth by Northwest (1959)4
4House on Haunted Hill pictureHouse on Haunted Hill (1959)3
5Sleeping Beauty pictureSleeping Beauty (1959)2
6Plan 9 From Outer Space picturePlan 9 From Outer Space (1959)2
7Journey to the Center of the Earth pictureJourney to the Center of the Earth (1959)2
8Up Periscope pictureUp Periscope (1959)2
9Operation Petticoat pictureOperation Petticoat (1959)2
10Some Like It Hot pictureSome Like It Hot (1959)2
11Never So Few pictureNever So Few (1959)1
12John Paul Jones pictureJohn Paul Jones (1959)1
13Tiger Bay pictureTiger Bay (1959)1
14On the Beach pictureOn the Beach (1959)1



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