Continuity mistake: When Peter asks Flash to stop bullying the other student in the outdoor eating area, right before Flash punches Peter, Peter is carrying his camera on a strap on his right shoulder. As the shot changes to Flash punching Peter, the camera strap disappears before Peter even gets hit and falls to the ground. Later we find Peter's camera smashed on the ground next to his backpack and skateboard.


4th Jul 2010

Friends (1994)

Friends mistake picture

Show generally

Continuity mistake: Ross always had an end apartment. Some point in Season 8, his apartment became a middle apartment. In earlier season, when Joey had mistaken Ross' for the hot girl's apartment, it showed the apt as an end apt. In TOW Joey tells Rachel, when Joey asked Rachel to have dinner at Ross' apt, it showed another hallway where Joey came from which is supposed to be the wall/ Ross' kitchen.


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