Jukka Nurmi

2nd Feb 2006

Jaws (1975)

Corrected entry: When Brody and Hooper see that the shark is chewing its way through the ropes attached to their boat, they call Quint to come and shoot him. When Quint comes over with the gun, the shark rears out of the water and roars. Sharks cannot roar.

Correction: The shark does not roar when it comes out of the water. The only sound is that of air rushing into the shark's mouth, which is something that has been reported by survivors of shark attacks.

Well, no, if you go to the end of the movie where the shark goes inside the boat it makes a noise again so they do have it doing that.

I think you are correct. It is definitely a roar! The shark roars 3 times in total including the scene showing the shark's blown up corpse sinking down. The "correction" is a mistake.

The gurgling sound Bruce makes in this scene also sounds a lot like water rushing into his maw.

Jukka Nurmi

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