Other mistake: In Walmart, some mini-Stay Puft Marshmallow Men turn on a propane grill and set each other on fire. Gas grills on display never, under any circumstances, have propane tanks installed. This would create an obvious safety issue because there is nothing keeping a customer from accidentally (or deliberately) starting the grill and causing a fire. Additionally, propane tanks are never stored inside for similar safety reasons.


16th May 2021

Common mistakes

Other mistake: The "latest hit video game" in film and TV productions will often seem very old fashioned, with outdated features like numbered levels, high scores, extra lives, etc.; indicating that some writers have not kept up with video game trends since the early 1990's.


4th Feb 2021

X-Men (1992)

Longshot - S5-E5

Other mistake: After helping Longshot in the alley, Jubilee tells Logan "Are you blind? He's on our side!" to which Logan responds "We don't know that." This dialogue is repeated verbatim when the Professor meets Longshot. In addition to being obviously re-used vocal lines, the context of Jubilee asking "Are you blind?" doesn't make much sense the second time.


2nd Sep 2019

Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

Other mistake: Deckard and Hattie were children at the same time, with Deckard appearing to be no more than 3 years older than Hattie. Although Jason Statham is presumably playing a character younger than he actually is, he is still noticeably much older than his on-screen sister. Jason Statham is in fact 21 years older than Vanessa Kirby.


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Suggested correction: And people can age faster than others depending on the stress they've been under.

Ssiscool Premium member

Even taking things like stress and hard living into account, Jason Statham is still much older looking than the character he is supposed to be playing. Or are you saying that he's under so much stress that, while he is in otherwise outstanding shape, his face is that of a man in his late 40's to early 50's? He looks at the very least 10 years older than the character is aparently supposed to be.


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