10th Mar 2016

The Revenant (2015)

Factual error: Fitzgerald tells a story about his father setting out with a party of Texas Rangers across the Llano Estacado. There are two problems with this: first, the Texas Rangers were first formed in 1823, the same year the movie takes place, and consisted of around 10 men who were not yet known by that title. Second, the Llano Estacado is in the Texas panhandle, an area almost completely unexplored by Anglos at the time (and nowhere near the area where any rangers lived).


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Suggested correction: A couple of errors here, both possibly minor. He said it was in the San Saba hills, OK still Texas but not Llano. Also, yes 1823 was when the group of 10 was officially put together and offered payment as 'Rangers' but the same men, and more, had been operating unofficially as rangers in the same areas for several years. So, it may well be this which he is referring to in his 'story' passed down from his old man.

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