Pejhman Keshvardoust

10th Jul 2021

Black Widow (2021)

Factual error: Melina tells Natasha that the only way to get past Dreykov's pheromone block is to sever her olfactory nerve. So Natasha smacks her head on a table to sever it, hits Dreykov, then later pops her apparently broken nose back into place. Not only was her nose visibly not broken, but the olfactory nerve is a direct extension of the brain, with projections passing through a key bone in the skull. Severing that nerve would involve brain damage, and traumatic damage to those structures capable of this would require surgical repair.

Pejhman Keshvardoust

Factual error: The mountain guide seems to prefer SureFire flashlights, carrying an M6 Guardian. Later on, they find Max's camp in the centre of the Earth and the guide picks up another dirt-covered M6 that belonged to Max. Max went missing in 1997, 3-4 years before SureFire produced that light, so he couldn't have had one.

Pejhman Keshvardoust

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