Continuity mistake: When Jack and Joan crash into the river above the waterfall, the hood on their car pops open and appears to be seriously askew. In the next scene, as they float down the river, the hood has become tightly closed.

stevewaclo Premium member

27th Jan 2014

Prometheus (2012)

Factual error: In the scene showing the two left-behind crewmen as they discover the snake-like alien, one of them reports to the ship that the creature is "30-40 inches long." The scientific community worldwide has been using the metric system for decades and it would seem highly unlikely a trained member of a starship crew would revert to such an ancient system of measurement.

stevewaclo Premium member

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Suggested correction: It would be terribly unlikely for a trained member of a starship crew to do that. As it happens, he's not a trained member of a starship crew, he's just a hired mercenary.

Phixius Premium member

Neither Millburn nor Fifield are mecenaries. Millburn is a biologist and Fifield is a geologist.


29th Dec 2013

Blood Simple (1984)

Continuity mistake: When the PI, Visser, shoots Marty, he is aiming the gun at a somewhat downward angle, then, for just a moment, we watch a surprised Marty stare at him. The camera cuts back to Visser, who is now holding the revolver at a much higher angle, as he contemplates shooting Marty again. The camera pulls back for a long shot and it appears Visser is no longer holding the gun on Marty. In the very next shot, he is again pointing the gun at Marty. Also the blood on Marty's shirt increases substantially in the few seconds before Visser leaves. Without a DVR, these details are very difficult to see (except the gun angle).

stevewaclo Premium member

26th Dec 2013

Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Revealing mistake: When Joker and Raptor are in the helo heading for the front, there is a view of Vietnamese being fired at by the door gunner with an M-60 machine gun. Several seconds pass in the scene while bullets should be tearing into the ground around them, but there are no indications of bullet strikes, even as the line of fire passes over a small creek.

stevewaclo Premium member

Other mistake: In the University battle sequence, the screen shot of the attacking helicopter's targeting system indicates a lock on the Hulk, but when the pilot opens fire, the machine gun bullets "walk" to their target, instead of being direct hits as would be expected.

stevewaclo Premium member

8th Dec 2013

Sky High (2005)

Continuity mistake: When Will and Layla board the school bus near the beginning of the movie, Ron the driver chastises Will for asking if they are on the right bus and slams the door behind them. A few minutes later, when the Ron announces they are off for Sky Camp, he is shown pulling the "door close" handle again.

stevewaclo Premium member

Revealing mistake: As one of the pilots opens a hatch to check on the failed "avionics" a side cockpit window is visible above and behind him. Rain on the window is moving directly downward, an impossibility at hundreds of miles per hour.

stevewaclo Premium member

14th Jul 2013

Time Bandits (1981)

Continuity mistake: In the "hanging cages" scene, when the rope holding the first cage finally breaks and the cage drops, the only thing holding the other end is one of the characters, who was shown earlier with the rope around his chest and holding on by his fingers. He should have been pulled into the abyss when all the slack was gone.

stevewaclo Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Benson is being escorted from her home, the headlights of both lead motorcycles are on. A few moments later, while on the highway, the headlamp on the right bike (looking at the screen) is out. It is back on again in the next scene. Rather odd, since on all modern motorcycles, the headlamp comes on with the ignition.

stevewaclo Premium member

7th Jul 2013

Blown Away (1994)

Revealing mistake: As Kate drives the Jeep downhill near the end of the movie and swerves the Jeep quickly to avoid another vehicle, her head and body remain upright throughout the maneuver. Of course she was no doubt in front of a blue screen, or on a set, so there was no violent maneuvering to react to.

stevewaclo Premium member

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