7th Sep 2021

Friends (1994)

Answer: I agree with the other answers. Another possibility is, Rachel was close friends with both Monica and Mindy in high school. Mindy was likely friends with Monica, and therefore invited her to the wedding along with Rachel, knowing they were roommates. Richard has known the Geller and Green families for years and may also know Mindy's parents and was invited separately. He could be Monica's +1, or she his, but even if both were invited separately, they are still attending as a couple. Monica wasn't invited to Rachel and Barry's wedding because the girls had lost touch after high school and Monica moved to NYC.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Excellent question, and it's never occurred to me. My best guess would be that Barry/Mindy are aware they're asking a big favour of Rachel and realise it would be an awkward situation for her, so let her invite a friend (Monica) for moral support so there'd be a friendly face there for her.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: It's never explained, and the writers probably didn't gave it serious thought, just using their presence at the wedding as a plot device. But since, as you say, Monica was not invited to Rachel's wedding, the most logical explanation is that Richard is the invitee, and Monica is his +1. Richard and Barry are both doctors and so could know one another, or perhaps Richard is friends with Barry's, or Mindy's, parents. If the latter, this would not be unbelievable, as Mindy's parents would likely be in the same circle as the Gellers, with whom Richard is close.

22nd Jun 2020

The Crown (2016)

Olding - S3-E1

Factual error: When the Queen is informed by telephone that Winston Churchill has died it is after a family birthday celebration meal for her Uncle Prince Henry. Everyone is in formal attire or black tie, meaning the party was an evening one. Light is visible through the windows in both the dining room and drawing room where the queen takes the phone call. Prince Henry's birthday does coincide with the date of Winston's death, in late January. At this time of year in London the sun sets very early, around 4:30pm. The family dinner would have taken place when it was dark out. (00:25:10)


Revealing mistake: When the new Pope is announced, the New York Times headline is shown, and 'Copyright 1990 The New York Times' is visible. The event took place in 1979.


11th Feb 2013

Air Force One (1997)

Factual error: In the beginning scenes where the President's limousines are moving to the Moscow airport both cars have the US and Presidential flags on them. When travelling outside of the US the President's state cars fly the US flag and the flag of the visiting country. The Presidential flag is only flown with the US flag when the President is travelling in the United States.


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