Nick Bylsma

18th Jun 2007

Deja Vu (2006)

Corrected entry: During the film, when Doug Carlin is in the "present" unaltered time, he sees things that eventually happen later in the movie when he goes back in time. What doesn't make sense is that if he saw all the other things, and considering he saved the ferry, how could he see the ferry explode at all in the beginning?

Correction: That's exactly why he went back in time in the first place, to keep the ferry from exploding. One of the great questions to time travel is what happens to the present when you go back in time. during the movie it is alluded that you create a different branch of time when you go back. In this case that "present" ceased to exist when Doug went back in time. In doing so he created a new "present" time, and erased the "first present" time that is shown at the start of the movie.

Nick Bylsma

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