28th Sep 2016

Goldeneye (1995)

Continuity mistake: Xenia is squeezed to death in a tree. The tree seems to change height. When the helicopter is falling and dragging Xenia, she is lifted up towards a very tall tree. When they look again at her after she dies, the tree is extremely short and her legs are no more than a meter away from the ground. (01:44:00)


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Suggested correction: Optical illusion. When the camera pulls back to show Xenia slumped against the tree, it still looks very tall, and she is at least ten feet above the ground.


23rd Sep 2010

Kyle XY (2006)

The Lies That Bind - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: This is actually both continuity and character mistake error. In the scene where Kyle helps Josh with his math test, the first time we look at the test, Josh has stuck in problem number 3, and in the problem above, number 2 has already given the answer "A". The second time we see the test, they jumped in problem number 13, which ironically in the previous shot was half covered with the kid's hand, so obviously he couldn't look at it. Also he has now answered question 12 above as well. Moreover Kyle says the correct answer is X=49. It's a complete random answer that has nothing to do with either question 3 or 13. In question 3, "X" isn't even mentioned and is just a multiple choice between A and E. In problem 13, if we do the math, we have X<4.5. In simple words, X must be smaller than 4.5, but Kyle says 49. Considering that Kyle is a math genius, it's impossible to have given such a stupid answer. (00:16:15)


21st Aug 2010

Castle (2009)

Sucker Punch - S2-E13

Character mistake: In the scene where Castle and Kate are being told that the victim's SIM card is broken and the last two digits of the phone number are missing, Castle says that they have 99 possibilities, which mathematically is wrong. Obviously the writer didn't count the combination 00. The correct number of possibilities is 100. (00:08:40)


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