Alex Montenegro

13th Jun 2010

Die Hard 2 (1990)

Factual error: After recovering a pistol from a slain baddie, John McClane explains to airport security that it's a "Glock 7" (in actuality a Glock 17) and says that it's made of porcelain that makes it "undetectable by X-ray." Excusing the fact that not only Glock, but no major firearms company has ever mass-produced such a weapon due to functionality issues, it doesn't change that the ammunition would still be visible on X-ray. The armorer for the production team pointed these facts out on set and tried to convince them to change this detail, but they filmed it with these mistakes anyway.

Alex Montenegro

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Suggested correction: Even polymer pistols have some metal parts; namely the barrel end retriever, and the magazine spring. And as you mentioned, the brass of the bullets and metal of the projectile. The slide could be in polymer but is not done in real world cause of safety issues. But it could be done.

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