2nd Mar 2021

Justice League (2017)

Question: When Bruce tracks down Aquaman in the Icelandic village, they have a conversation in which Aquaman calls Bruce "Batman" within earshot of strangers; since Bruce Wayne is highly protective of his secret identity as Batman, isn't this a bit careless on Aquaman's part? Even if the Icelandic villagers didn't understand English (unlikely, since most Icelandic people are at least bilingual), they would still recognize the word "Batman" and be able to put two and two together.


Answer: It is implied that the village is isolated. Bruce says that Arthur helps the villagers survive the winter by bringing them fish, which indicates they are so cut off from the world they would die out without Arthur's help. There is no indication that any of these people have ever heard of either Bruce Wayne or Batman. Neither appears to be particularly famous outside of Gotham, Clark didn't recognize Bruce Wayne in the previous film at the party and Batman had only recently made national news.


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