9th Jul 2011

The Langoliers (1995)

Continuity mistake: When Craig Toomey jumps out and starts screaming at the blind girl, in the first shot he is holding the knife at shoulder level. In the following shot it is raised to eye level.


2nd Jan 2011

Father Ted (1995)

And God Created Woman - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: As Father Crilly is shouting at Father Jack "No, not your room, not your room." to get up out of the spare bed, watch closely and as Father Ted strikes him in the face, notice that his hand doesn't even touch his face, and his hand stops several inches away from his face, using only his reaction and the sound of a punch to illustrate a punch at all. (00:18:15)


Continuity mistake: As Pink runs towards the TV screaming, he raises his guitar several times to smash the TV screen in. The effect of having it done 4 times is probably to add effect, but Pink makes four blows, look closely and you will see that the guitars change at each strike. First we see that the guitar used is a two tone red & black on the first blow, then on the second, just a black one is used then switches back to the red and black one on the third and forth. Different TVs were used in different takes, because how he strikes the TV are different.


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