11th Jul 2016

National Treasure (2004)

Corrected entry: It helps move the plot along so Ian can find Ben, Riley and Abigail but it makes no sense for Riley to go to where the Silence Dogood letters were kept, they simply could have googled them and got the answers they needed.


Correction: Because the Ottendorf cypher requires original documents or scans to work, Ben, Riley, and Abigail could not have made a Google search for the Silence Dogood letters unless Ben's father or the Franklin Institute posted scans online. However, Riley could have simply taken photos of the display rather than hire a child to repeatedly go in and out of the building.

If he went in to take the picture, he would have been seen on a security camera taking the picture. He was at that point probably a wanted man with Ben. Hiring the kid let him get the answers without being detected.

18th May 2011

The Karate Kid (1984)

Corrected entry: When Daniel plays the Joke on Johnny in the bathroom at the school dance he runs out of the bathroom before Johnny knows who it is but yet Johnny runs right past the kid dressed as spider man and out of the bathroom. How did he know it wasn't the kid who was dressed as Spider Man who sprayed him with water?


Correction: These people all go to school together, they know each other well. Johnny knows that "Spider-Man" wouldn't have done something like that to him. Either out of fear or friendship, we don't know. Most people at that school would fit into either of those categories as Johnny is an extremely aggressive bully. Only Daniel, the new kid, would have had the nerve to do something like that.

Phixius Premium member

Correction: And the kid dressed as Spider man goes to cobra kai.

19th May 2011

Iron Man 2 (2010)

Corrected entry: During the movie S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson tells Tony Stark that he has to go because "Director Fury wants me in New Mexico". That something is Thor.


Correction: Thor's hammer is shown at the very end of this film, and Agent Coulson appears in the Thor movie, making this far too obvious to be valid trivia.

S. Ha

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