10th Aug 2009

iCarly (2007)

Show generally

Corrected entry: Season 1, episode 6 "iNevel": Towards the end of the episode, Carly invites Nevil round to her apartment. Once he is at the door, he says "I'm Nevil, I'm coming in now", but notice, on the words "I'm coming in now", his mouth is moving a lot before he says it.


Correction: No, his lips match what he's saying the entire time.


Corrected entry: After the principal of the school has told the crowd and basketball team in the gymnasium that they will have to leave the room due to safety regulations (this is before Breaking Free), as the team pace out of the room, in the bottom right corner, you can very obviously see a camera man follow them out of the room before the shot changes to Ms. Darbus.


Correction: That is a camera crew filming the game; we have a crew film our school's football games and put them on public access cable channels.

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