Continuity mistake: When Elmer is picking up the money and putting into the case, the dollar note next to Sylvester changes position between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Elmer grabs the case of money from Sylvester, Sylvester scratches the side of the case and leaves his claw marks on it. But when Elmer goes to answer the door, the claw marks have disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Elmer opens the door to the hungry cats, you can see that there is only a handle on the door, but when one of the cats demands more money, Elmer slams the door and the handle now has a lock with it.

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Trivia: When we see a cat looking through the dustbins at the beginning of the cartoon, there is a newspaper on the ground that has "Foster" on the front page - a reference to the Warner Brothers story writer Warren Foster.

Trivia: When Sylvester growls at the portrait of his mistress at the end of the cartoon, look at the bottom left-hand corner of the picture and you can see the artist's name is "Irv Wyner." Irv Wyner was the background artist for this cartoon.

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