Out of Africa

Continuity mistake: When Denys and Karen go to bed together, she takes his tie off. The scene is cut and then his tie is on again.

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Continuity mistake: When Denys Finch-Hatton takes Karen Blixen on a flight in his open bi-plane, he hands her a pair of goggles just before they board the plane. As they sit in the plane she is goggle-less and he hands her another pair.

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Continuity mistake: When Karen and her people are on the way to her husband's camp they get attacked by lions. When she helps chasing them away she gets some deep, bloody scratches in her face, of which there isn't even a trace on the next day.



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Trivia: The title of the movie (and book) is derived from the writings of Roman historian Pliny the Elder: "Out of Africa always something new" (original Latin - Ex Africa semper aliquid novi).

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