No Mercy

Continuity mistake: When Eddie and Michel are in the police station and Losado comes to pick up Michel, her hair clip is on the left side of her hair. After Losado and Michel get into the car, her hair clip moves to the right side.

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Continuity mistake: When Eddie Jillette meets up with his boss in New Orleans, they are in a washroom, where he gives him a case containing weapons. If you look on the top of the hand dryer you will notice a bottle of beer, in the next shot the bottle is missing, the next shot after that it reappears.

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Continuity mistake: When Eddie Jillette is driving the car while handcuffed to Michel and running away from the night club, you see him turning the steering wheel no longer handcuffed to her. When they get out of the car and are hiding under the docks, however, the handcuffs are back on (his left hand, her right).

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