The Plainsman

Continuity mistake: In this scene we see several Government Officials talking in a room. One of them, while talking, is playing a game. The game is to balance the lid of an ink bottle on the end of a ruler and over the ink bottle. When the ruler is flicked rapidly gravity would do the rest and the lid would fall into the ink bottle. Things don't work to plan and the lid falls on its side. In the next wide shot, the lid is right side up and a little distant from where it fell earlier.


Continuity mistake: In this scene we see Calamity Jane's left hand is on her hip. Then in the next shot her hand is on her gun, which is tucked into the middle of her gun belt on her waist.


Continuity mistake: Louisa Cody's left hand is on the railing next to a pole with a rope attached to the railing, but in the next shot she has moved and her hand is about half a metre from the pole.

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Calamity Jane: Tip your hat when you speak to a lady.
Wild Bill Hickok: I will... when I speak to a lady.

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