Santa Buddies

Continuity mistake: After the dogcatcher, Mr. Cluge, takes Puppy Paws to the dog pound, he unfastens the dog's collar and hangs it on a peg on the wall. The next time the collar is shown, it is fastened again.

Continuity mistake: Mudbud invites Puppy Paws to roll in a patch of mud. Puppy Paws does so and emerges with only his back and one side covered with mud. In the very next shot, his face and all four legs are also covered with mud.

Continuity mistake: Puppy Paws gets on the roof of the house where Budderball lives. He stretches up so he can look down the chimney. Each of his front paws is on a different side of the chimney top. In the next shot, from inside the chimney looking up, both paws are resting on the same side of the chimney top. In addition, the inside of the chimney is spotlessly clean.

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Budderball: I think we should lower the candy canes a little. They're kinda hard to... see.

Budderball: Buddha looks like he's sleeping, but he calls it meditation.

Sniffer: You're awfully quiet, Budderball. I didn't even hear your stomach grumble.

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