Factual error: When the team is running you can see a new model white Range Rover Sport and a red Honda Civic passing by.


Factual error: During the final, in one of the scrums you can see a player wearing Nike Tiempo boots. These weren't released until the mid 2000's, and the film is set in 1995.


Factual error: The plane's approach at the final was announced before hand on the stadium's PA system. Mandela's security attachment would have known about this and not acted in the way they did.

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Francois Pienaar: Times change, we need to change as well.

Francois Pienaar: Come boys. What the heck are we doing? Lomu is killing us. Forwards, we must start scrumming. We must disrupt them at the first phase. Can't allow Lomu to get the ball in space. He's freaking killing us. But listen, if Lomu gets the ball, whoever's there... James, Joost... hit the fucking guy, hold onto him, hold him. Help will come, help will be there.

Television Announcer: Tell us Mr. President, have you always been a rugby fan?
Nelson Mandela: People don't realise that I played rugby myself when I was a student at Fort Hare. It is a very rough game, almost as rough as politics.

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