Flash of Genius

Flash of Genius (2008)

Factual error: The scene that takes place at the Ford release of their 1971 models has two Mustangs driving to the event. The one in front is obviously a 1973.

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Factual error: In an early scene set in a Catholic church, none of the women or girls are wearing hats or veils. In the 60s, Catholic women and girls would not enter church without a head covering.

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Factual error: The character of Dr. Kearn during his court testimony states that one of his first inventions was the plastic bag for margarine which was used to mix the yellow colouring dye-agent into the white coloured margarine. I have found sources that show that Mr. Peters invented that and held the patent.http://www.michiganhistorymag.com/extra/barnett/butterwars.pdf.

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