Continuity mistake: When Buddy takes Ann down to the dock to meet Harris, he and Buddy get into the boat and begin getting it ready to sail. As Harris raises the mainsail, we see that the head of the sail is connected to a gaff. In the wide shot immediately following this shot, the head is connected to the mast, and the gaff has disappeared entirely. In all other shots of the boat, the gaff is present. Harris can't have drawn the sail so tightly that the gaff was completely vertical, thereby blending it with the mainmast so as to be imperceptible from a distance, because the shape of the sail would have made that impossible.

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Buddy Wittenborn: What if we just sang and laughed together... for the rest of our lives.
Young Ann: It wouldn't work.
Buddy Wittenborn: Not for you.

Buddy Wittenborn: Shut up and dance.

Ray: Mistakes are beautiful, baby. Mistakes are part of the fun.

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