Meet Dave

Revealing mistake: When the cop makes a mold of Dave's face from the impact site, there are nostrils in the mold, which are not possible to make with such an imprint.

Continuity mistake: When Dave sees the photo of Josh and the Orb on the counter, he picks it up and looks at it. But from the view inside Dave's head, the picture is still sitting on the counter.

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Continuity mistake: When Dave and Josh are walking in the park and Dave ask Josh , "Did you see last night's sports competition?", the sun is shining making shadows on the ground behind them. In the next shot the sunshine and shadows are gone.

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More mistakes in Meet Dave

Captain: Lieutenant Bottoms, what is your status?
Lieutenant Bottoms: Captain, we had a small gas leak. It was silent, but not deadly.

Dave: Welcome to Old Navy.

Question: What did the captain say and mean after Gina says that it's been rough sometimes without her husband but her and Josh are ok?


Answer: "There is a strength to this one." Just meaning he sees Gina as a strong, independent woman who's been able to keep going despite losing her husband.


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