Other mistake: On the PSP version of the game, you play as Optimus Prime, and you have to escort Bumblebee down the freeway. This game follows the movie very well. By this part in the game, Bumblebee should have transformed into the newer 2008 or 2009 Camaro. But he is still in his old 1970's Camaro form.

Continuity mistake: For the PSP version, while playing as Decepticon Barricade, when you are finished destroying the power generators which keep Megatron frozen, they look really beat up. However, when it cuts to a short video, you can see the generators behind Barricade, and they are now magically in perfect condition.

Other mistake: For the PS2 version, you see meteors crash down, meaning the Decepticons or Autobots are coming. If you get close enough to one meteor and look close enough, right when it hits the ground, the robot already resembles an Earth vehicle. Actually, the robot would have to stand up, look at an Earth vehicle, and then it would be able to transform. This happens many times throughout the game, even if the vehicle the robot transforms into is nowhere to be seen.

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