The Lives of Others

Continuity mistake: When Grubitz talks to Wiesler in the cafe, the amount of beer in their glasses keeps changing.

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Continuity mistake: While Sieland is putting up the birthday decorations, towards the end she is starting to walk up the small step ladder. The next shot she is suddenly at the top of it.

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Continuity mistake: Wiesler is called into the office and his boss opens the humidor to get a cigar. As Wiesler is talking you can hear Grubitz lighting a match. The next shot his left hand is nowhere near his mouth and his right is holding the cigar in his mouth and is already a bit smoked. This would be impossible as if he used his left hand it would have been seen coming down after he lit the cigar. Even if it was his right hand then how did he get it out of his hand so quickly and then hold the cigar all at the same time.

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